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I am senior early childhood education major at Texas A&M, WHOOP!  I have been crafting and sewing since I was born.  My mom use to joke that I could cut better than her first graders before I was even in kindergarten.  Give me paper, tape, scissors and I would create a master piece. I got my first sewing machine when I was young for Christmas from my family.  I did not really get much use out of it till I moved off to college and now I use it all the time!  I am not your typical college girl! One day I will be dressed up for a night out on the town the next minute I am elbows deep in paint, saw dust, and power tools! I received my first set of power tools from my father a few years ago and every Christmas he knows his gift to me is a new addition to my lovely collection.  That is where the name of the blog came from.  I believe girls can be girly girls but still know what the heck they are doing when they go into a home improvement store, hence Power Tools and High Heels! Family and friends have been telling me for a while I should blog about the stuff I make and well I finally listened, yes I am a hard headed individual.  I wouldn't consider myself to be a writer by any means and well spelling... forgive me please!  What my hope is that women and men alike get inspired to create things they normally would not create.  I will be doing projects from the novice level to the advance and my plan is to tell you how to do something every step of the way.  With that being said let the creating begin! 

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  1. When I saw Spring Assisted Ministry, I knew you were a Houston girl. I love the CAM (Cypress) or MAM(Memorial). I’ve been know to furnish our ranch cabin with throw offs from MAM! Guessing you have graduated and are teaching now (whoop for summer)! Enjoy your blog.