Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Attire

Howdy!  When I'm not in class, studying, or being crafty in my apartment, I am working at Bath and Body Works as a part time job.  Starving college student here, as my mom likes to say and extra cash never hurts anybody! Last year I started something during the Christmas shopping season that everyone at work and even the customers loved and looked forward to this year.  Starting Black Friday I wore a massive present bow on my head to make me feel more festive while working.  Now it is famous in my store and people ask me what I'll wear next! So I thought I would show you a few that I have created to date. 
This is what I started with odds and ends that I had collected over several weeks from Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree (another amazing store for starving college students)!

For this one I started with a Reindeer headband from the Dollar Tree, sold in a two pack, I love the shorter one form the set but it was in my car so I spruced this one up! All I did was take some satin white ribbon and make a bow, tacked it, and hot glued it to the antlers! Super easy, cheap and it took no time to make it!

Next I wanted to create something with the ornaments I bought at the Dollar Tree because I really thought they would look good together.  This is what I came up with. 
I really like it but haven't worn it yet since its heavy and doesn't shape well to my head, I might just use it around the apartment for decorating.  What I did was use a felt base and a lot of hot glue and glued everything together it cost around $4 and looks really cute!

I fell as if I could have been the focus of a Laura Numeroff book( the famous author of the children's book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, excellent book I might add)... if you give Maegen a glue gun and Christmas decorations, she will want to decorate everything!  The next thing I tackled was my front door! I went to Walmart and bought some wrapping paper and ribbon and this is what I came up with!

I think I might go get a larger bow since my Dollar Tree one looks very puny!  The last time I put up decorations on my door some drunk guy came by and ripped them all off :( Lets see how long this will last! Once I finish with my door I'll add another picture to show y'all what I have created!  Hope this post gives you some ideas on decorating your home and yourselves for the holidays! Happy Decorating!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath

The first thing that got me going on reading blogs and making new things was a coffee filter wreath I found on several different blogs that I fell in love with.  It was pretty cheap and I will be making another one in the next week because I have to leave one at home and take another one up to school.

Its very simple it is make out of large coffee filters (I bought the two large packs), a dollar store 9 in wreath and hot glue!  This is a project that you do will watching T.V. because it become very mindless work after you get started and it does take a while.  I will post exactly how to do it after I make the second one but for now y'all can oooohhhh and ahhhh over it :)

Doesn't it make you want to run out right now and go to the dollar store?

My first post :)

Hello Blogging world it took all summer but I finally decided to join you.  Granted I doubt anyone will ever read this blog but at least it will be something that I will enjoy and will keep me busy.  I have several posts that I cant wait to put on here about deal and steals I found all summer and several projects I have completed.  Hope you will stay tuned for what is to come on Redesigning College. 

P.S. I am horrible at spelling and grammar so if you see a mistake please just forgive me :)