Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dollar StoreBoot Forms

Do you have boots that look like this? 

Here's your solution!!!

I have seen several different types of boot forms to make your boots stand up and keep shape for a while now and have been wanting to make some but wants sure which type so I hadn't.  But today while I was out looking for something else for a different project, which failed miserably, I decided I was going to finally make them before I put my boots up for the year.  This is a very simple and CHEAP tutorial on how to make what I did.  All of the items can be found at the dollar store, my dollar store of choice is Dollar Tree.  

Items you will need: 

  • A pool noodle (You can usually get about two pairs of boots out of one noodle give or take) 
  • A pair of tall socks or knee highs (Optional)
  • A bread knife 

Step 1: 

Stick the pool noodle in the boot and measure how tall you want it to be I liked my sticking just a little out but they do not have to.  

 Step Two: 

Cut the pool noodle using the bread knife. 

Step Three: 

You can stop here if you want and just leave it as is or, if you want to be fun like me, you can jazz them up a little.  To give them some color and make them fun take the sock and put it on the noodle. 

Once the sock is on and pulled tight you can tuck the remaining sock into the little hole at the end of the noodle, like so. That's the best part of this DIY, NO SEWING OR GLUING!!

Don't you just love my nail color...testing out golds to find the right one for my Aggie ring day coming up soon.  It's a BIG deal to get your ring here at Texas A&M. 

Step Four: 

Stick your new boot form into your boot and admire your handy work.  See it wasn't that hard now was it? 

I did all five pairs of my boots for less than 10 dollars and I couldn't be any happier with my results.  You could jazz them up even more if you wanted by adding a yarn pom poms or some ribbon but I was happy with just this and I am swamped with school work for classes so I decided not to do anything else.  If you add something else to it I would love to hear about it. Hope you enjoyed today's cheap and simple DIY. Now off to sleep for this tired college student!