Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bathroom Update!!

I showed you last week how to make some very cute jewelry holders with clothes pin and a piece of wood(heres where DIY Jewelry Holder), now I just wanted to show you another way to use them.  

Use them to hang belts, scarfs, tights, tank tops, and spaghetti strap tops, you name it I am sure it will work! Like I said before I plan on making some plain ones for my closet for at my apartment to hold some of the things mentioned above.  I love the fact that I could store a pair of sunglasses on top of the clothes pin and I even hang some of my rings on them as well! Here are a few more pictures so you can get a better look at it! 

  That earring holder should be up on my etsy page within the week I have several to sell that are blueSo if you are interested in one you can contact me but in the mean time check out my etsy page at:

Happy Hump Day :) I am headed off to Austin to see my sister, a.k.a my cousin, Pegleg!! Watch out Austin trouble is coming to town! 


  1. gr8 idea
    gonna try this soon
    ps go follow me on fb
    DIY Sheets

  2. Hi! What is the material you used for the earring holder? I can't find the product on your Etsy page. :)

  3. This is a great idea. I have been looking for more ways to organize and display jewerly

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