Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I have been up to!

Hey there blogging world! Its been a busy break with lots of family time, lots of food, and lots of projects!!! I finally have a moment to sit down and share with y'all what I have been up to.  My focus this break was my living room because the state it was in had been bothering me! I planned on making shelves that I found on The House of Smiths and fell in love with! Before break I told my dad that our winter wood working project would be making two shelves like the ones I found on her blog for sure.  Being the loving dad he is, he was more than willing to make his little princess happy! This is what we made.  They are decorated for Valentine's Day currently.
The next thing I wanted to make was this art piece I saw on pinterest.  It was a DIY knock off of something that Pottery Barn had sold at some point, I found the directions at 4 Men 1 Lady.  When I originally saw this I never thought I would ever do it but I pinned it anyway.  When I was at home my dad told me that he actually had left over laminate wood flooring from when our house was built! I was really excited, I might have screamed a little.  Once again my amazing father helped me not only glue it all together but cut it to a size I wanted.  This is the finished project I will post my own tutorial in a few days.
Didn't it turned out amazing?! The image I used was two put together.  Here is the JPG of it if you would like to use it. To make the other two branches on there I just used the same one and adjusted it when tracing it on there. 
The last major thing I did in my living room was creating curtains!  The apartment was looking great after the art piece went up along with the shelves but it was still lacking something, CURTAINS! But on a limited budget and the curtains needing to be about 100 inches long I had not idea what I was going to do.  Due to the fact that most curtains I liked at the length I needed were running about $40-$60 dollars a panel!  On a "starving college kid" budget (as my mom loves to say) there is no way that was going to happen anytime soon.  Then I remembered something I saw on pinterest... DROP CLOTH CURTAINS! I looked into the price of drop cloths and determined I could do that.   As luck would have it my mom also informed me she had a very nice curtain rod that she did not need and was going to give me, that was just perfect! After some trial and error, my drop cloth grommet curtains were done and look perfect in the living room! Here are some pictures to show you what my living room looks like right now still some things to be done but I am very pleased with it. 

 As you can see my Christmas break was a very busy one filled with doing what I love...decorating and creating! Well thanks for stopping by I hope it inspired you to redesign. As always I'll keep Redesigning College!

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